Company certified in all stages of processing with ISO 9001/2015 certificate.

The cooperative was founded in 2003 by joining Anidea 6 members from the same experiences. The administrator Anna Ciao after working 14 years as an employee had the idea to set up such cooperative, where she and the partners have an experience of 25 years. The name was created by combining ANIDEA of the name Anna and the idea that she had to found the company. Anidea collaborates with important textile production, with an ancient tradition and recognized worldwide. Our offer of ties comes from the direct relationship with these companies, which will be followed and built the entire production process up to delivery, ensuring the customer the high quality standard of Italian textile. Anidea specializes in the production of neckwear to Liba.


Our values are based still on the dexterity of a time that technology unit produces a unique product. We highlight the excellence of Made in Italy through high production criteria as the careful finishing, the attention to every single detail, arriving at a finished product of high quality.


Our passion of the cooperative constructs a new laboratory of 400mq. In full compliance with all current regulations it is full of bright, fire-fighting system with smoke detectors and manual system with fire extinguishers (1 each 40sqm). State-of-the-art surveillance systems remotely controlled, representative for the protection of fabrics and accessories provided by our customers.